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Do Something Fun, Exciting, and DIFFERENT
for your Child's Birday Party this Year.
Here is a Way to Have the Best Party
Ever With the Least Amount of

Let's face it. You want to make your child's birthday the most memorable one ever this year. But you're afraid it'll cost you a fortune to make it special. Not to mention the fact that if you take the whole party to an entertainment facility [or somewhere similar], it's a total pain to nervously keep track of everyone.  You're constantly worrying if you've lost a kid somewhere in the shuffle.

Well, we can help! Let Pallen Martial Arts handle the entertainment for you. Have your party here at our dojo and our staff will conduct a 1 1/2 hour Karate Birthday Celebration.

The party includes:

           * Paper products which include: plates, cups, and napkins
           * Action-Packed, Fun-Filled Activities that will promote the philosophies of discipline and respect through
              Exciting Karate Drills & Games
           * A Special Ceremony wihere each child learns to focus and channel his/her energy into [Breaking a Board!]
           * Time for Pizza (included in package - up to 2 slices per child), 
              Cake & Ice Cream (you provide)
           * The use of our safe and exclusive facility
           * A Black Belt Instructor
           * A Special "Karate" Headband party favor

Also, each child who attends will be given acomplimentary party favor which includes a  (1) Karate Headband;
(2) the Wooden Board each child broke; and (3) a gift certificate for FREE Karate Lessons. These are [valued at $150] and will be compliments of your child!

If you are interested in having your child's Birthday Party here at Pallen Martial Arts, please contact Fe (Program Director) by clicking here.  We can also be contacted by phone at (510) 537-0901. She will provide you with all the pricing information and make arrangements for your child's memorable Karate Birthday Celebration. We are only able to book 3 or 4 Birthday Celebrations permonth and the available slots fill up quickly.  So don't wait, give us a call now.