Pallen Martial Arts
A Recognized School of Black Belt Excellence Since 1969


The number one priority in the adult class is SAFETY. We understand that nearly all of our adults have full-time jobs or commitments. The last thing we want to do is interrupt an adult's weekly routine because of an injury suffered in class. However, our goal is to make all of our students more physically fit through self-defense drills & cardiovascular exercises.

Teenage students are mixed in with the adults because they add variety in size, conditioning, and agility. This could make the class more challenging for a physically fit adult. While at the same time, [a teenager who isn't quite fully grown] is less intimidating during one-on-one drills.

Students may start at any time in the monthly curriculum. The environment is very FUN & POSITIVE! All of the students are very supportive of each other. At the beginner level, the instructional pace is slow & steady with lots of explanation for each technique. Professor Pallen is open to questions at any time during the drills. We want all the adults who start our program to feel that: (1) They CAN do this. (2) It's a good challenge. (3) With practice, they can be good at it! At the Advance Level, the class is a little more traditional in that more detail is covered. Students with previous martial arts background are welcome to join our program. We're certain that Master Pallen's expertise can enrich even the most experienced martial artist.


Although Professor Pallen may talk about the [principles of martial arts], the history & philosophies are passed along through insightful reading packets and recommended books. The Teen/Adult class is a complete program that develops a student mentally & physically. When the student steps onto the mat, he/she steps into the [World of Martial Arts] as Professor Pallen views it. From his perspective, you'll have the opportunity to go back in time and train the same way as the "Old Masters". The passion Professor Pallen has for the arts is energizing and inspiring.


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