Pallen Martial Arts
A Recognized School of Black Belt Excellence Since 1969


Professor Pallen & his Demonstration Team is one of the most exciting and entertaining groups in the Bay Area. They've performed at various charity events, sporting events, parties and even in classrooms [as a student's SHOW & TELL!] All of the Team Members are excellent role models. In the demonstration, they display exciting martial art moves which are beautifully choreographed to music. We guarantee to "WOW" any audience.


In addition, Professor Pallen has held many seminars and clinics for various groups and companies. This includes Women's Self-Defense Workshops, Private Seminars for Professional Athletes & local teams [looking to cross-train], and Protective Agencies who are seeking to expand their field of expertise.


Also, we provide SCHOOL TALKS to local schools. Here, Professor Pallen correlates the [Focus] used in Breaking a Board to the [Focus] used to paying attention in class & getting better grades. It's quite entertaining for the kids. While at the same time, it serves as a valuable tool for any teacher. SCHOOL TALK is a FREE Public Service we offer to the community.


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