Pallen Martial Arts
A Recognized School of Black Belt Excellence Since 1969


Our program is unique in that Professor Pallen [an 8th Degree Black Belt] teaches nearly every single class every month every year for the last 20 years. On a regular day, you'll find him on the mat making the slightest correction of a technique or imparting the importance of [Respecting Parents, Teachers, & Elders] in the children's class. Professor Pallen understands the importance of making a "connection" with each and every student whether he/she is a child, teen, or adult.


Regardless of whether the student has been training with him for 10 years or 10 minutes, the goal is to constantly "inspire & educate" says Professor Pallen. He adds, "To make the student reach his potential, the student has got to want to reach [his potential]." Professor Pallen's methodology is to inspire each student with beautiful & artistic martial art moves. Then, educate them on the ancient philosophies of discipline, respect, & confidence.

Although the Daily Review recognizes [Pallen Martial Arts Castro Valley] as the Bay Area's Best Martial Arts School, we try to earn this title from each of our students EVERYDAY! As a result, nearly all of our students are referred to us from our existing students [and their parents]. We hope when the time comes, you'll do the same.

[To your left] is a listing of all the programs we offer throughout the year. Please click on any of the Programs that may be of interest to you.

[Pallen Martial Arts Castro Valley] is a full-time martial arts school that operates 48 weeks out of the year. We close for 2 weeks during the Winter [the last week of December and first week of January]. We close for 1 week in the Summer and 1 week for Spring Break. We try to follow the [Castro Valley Unified School District's] year calendar taking the same days off for major holidays.