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I've been in martial arts all of my life. Many of the relationships I've developed have been through: years of teaching at my own dojo, from karate sporting events, through colleagues, and special events not to mention other activities I've done outside of martial arts.

It's so true that "time flies". It's easy to lose contact with people who we were once close to. I hope this website gives my [old friends, acquaintances, and students] an opportunity to see what I've been up to and say "hello".

I strongly encourage [inactive] members of my Honors Black Belt Society to leave your current email & mailing address. I would like to invite you to future Black Belt Tests & Promotions. For everyone else, I'd love to know what you've been up to. Please stay in touch. I'll try to respond to your emails as soon as I can. Until then, may you live the MARTIAL WAY. Ooos!

Max F. Pallen / "Jojo"

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