Pallen Martial Arts
A Recognized School of Black Belt Excellence Since 1969




We feel like a family at the dojo because of the great group of people involved.

Jann M., Mom
Cameron is thrilled with the program. He is getting a lot more confidence. He was so happy to get his yellow belt!

Darilynn K., Grandmother

The program has helped us become more confident. It has helped us learn to respect others. We've become more patient with ourselves and others. We are proud to be students of Master Pallen.

Michael & Mark M., Student

The program has benefited me in a lot of ways. It helps me in school. It's not as hard for me to speak in front of the class for projects. Most important of all, I learned Respect.
Jessica W., Student

Karate has changed my life because it has helped me treat people with respect. I learned how to protect myself & my loved ones. It has taught me to never quit. The 7 Home Rules has forced me not fight with my sister. Also, I follow my parents wishes after they ask me only once.

Mark E., Student

I am now going for my 2nd Degree Black Belt. Master Pallen has taught me courage, discipline, and to never give up. Karate is fun and I learn something new every day. I have been attending almost daily and have never [not wanted] to go to class.

Michael B., Student

About a year and a half ago, as I was coming out of PW Market, I noticed a karate class in session. I stopped & watched for a while. I was impressed with the kids' enthusiasm and their rapport with the Instructor. I asked my son Sam, who tends to be a bit on the shy side, if he'd be interested in taking lessons. To my surprise, he said "Yes". Fifteen months later, I've discovered that it's so much more than just kicks and punches! It's about exposing Sam to kids that:

(1) treat people decently
(2) like a good challenge & friendly competition
(3) have set their sights on some pretty big goals [at a pretty tender age].

Sam just tested for his green belt. His time at Pallen Martial Arts has taught him a valuable life lesson. With persistence [little by little in this case: belt by belt], you can realize your dreams. The second lesson was at karate camp. When it comes to water gun fights, Master Pallen is the biggest kid of them all. I'm thrilled that Sam looks forward to class. It's never been something I've had to push him to do. In a time when there's so many bad influences on kids, I'll take all the good ones that I can get! Leigh,

Mervyn's Marketing Manager

Learning from Master Pallen has been an incredible experience for these reasons:

1. Master Pallen is the best Instructor He is kind, friendly, talented, funny, and all all-around great person. He puts so much of his time and energy into his students. He brings the best out in everyone.

2. Karate has motivated me to do well in school and other activities. It has taught me to always try my hardest and to never give up. Karate has given my confidence to try new things and make new friends.

3. Without karate, I would probably be sitting around watching TV for hours. Karate makes me feel great along with keeping me in shape with the fun drills. I feel pretty confident that I could protect myself.

Karate has made huge impact on my life and I don't know what I would do without it. I know my family agree that karate has changed my life for the best.

Jacqueline E., Student
Christopher has taken karate with Master Pallen since 1999. We chose karate initially to provide him with a year-round activity to help him maintain physical fitness. We were also interested in Christopher learning to defend himself. We later learned that karate was designed to teach him discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Stacey & Daly H., Parents

Pallen Martial Arts has provided true value beyond our original expectations of almost eight years ago. We started our first child with Master Pallen and our only expectation was that Michael would learn karate at a level appropriate to a five year-old. Michael went for the physical aspect of karate, but has been given so much more. Leadership, respect, competitive spirit, an enhanced sense of right and wrong. The self-confidence to make the right choices are part of the Pallen experience that we did not expect. The friendships, sense of family, the sleepovers, picnics, and the relationship with Master Pallen and Fe are a great bonus. With our other son & daughter, there was never any question of whether they would start at Pallen Martial Arts. Both Adam & Rebecca made it clear they wanted to start karate. We, too, knew that we wanted them to have all that Pallen's had already imparted to Michael.

Ray & Donna B., Parents

 Five years ago we came to Pallen Martial Arts looking for an activity that our child expressed an interest in. I knew this would help her self-confidence and [of course] self-defense. Little did I know that we were about to become part of family that would impact our lives and expose us to such a positive & diverse world. We now have two children at Pallen Martial Arts. Our involvement gives me a strong sense of security and support in raising the children to be strong and self-reliant individuals. Through the consistent, positive leadership of the Pallen Family, our children have been instilled with a strong foundation of self-confidence, self-control, respect, leadership, team work, friendship, physical agility, listening skills, concentration, and list can go on! Meanwhile, they have fun and look forward to being at the dojo everyday! We also participate as a family in the picnics, Awards Ceremonies, and the After School Karate Program.

LuAnn B., Parent

My brother Ryan and I have been taking karate with Master Pallen for six years. When we first started, I was five years old and my brother was only four. We started in the Power Rangers class and went to class two times a week. It was a lot of fun learning something new and making new friends. We have been fortunate enough to attend karate camp for the last few years. It's been a great way to get to know Master Pallen and to become better acquainted with the other students. I think my parents would agree that we've become more disciplined and more focused as a result of our training in karate. To become a black belt would be a major personal accomplishment for us. It would symbolize our many years of hard work. We are proud to be students at Pallen Martial Arts and we look forward to wearing our black belts with pride!

Corey and Ryan M., Students

First & foremost, Walter & I would like to thank you both, Master Pallen & Fe, for showing us the meaning of Family Values. Our family has learned so much from both of you. Your continued support for our daughter Brianna has given us the utmost respect for the program.

Elma L., Parent
We have been extremely pleased with the martial arts program at Pallen Martial Arts. It has given our children a great foundation for building good morals, values, and self-esteem. The program has provided us with good role models for our children which will be important for the rest of their lives.

Sherron & Jean Marc E., Parents