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In 1997, I coined the term "Honors" Black Belt to differentiate Student/In-House Black Belts from my "Degree Holding" Black Belts. An Honors Black Belt is a martial artist who has successfully completed Black Belt School, the Black Belt Test, and the Initiation.
My Honors Black Belts are recognized degree holders in my system and have "Max Pallen, Jr." embroidered [in white lettering] on their belts. In 1998, I distinguished Honors Black Belt Instructors [from Honors Black Belts] by putting red lettering on their belts after bestowing them with the title of Sifu [or Instructor].

My Honors Black Belts and Instructors are extensions of myself. Although we all came from different walks of life, our passion for martial arts brought us together. It is my hope that they will forever live the MARTIAL WAY OF LIFE by motivating & inspiring others to do the same.

The following Black Belts have shown their dedication, hard work, and loyalty to me throughout the years. They are my Honors Black Belts in good standing. Humbly, I would expect my colleagues and other Black Belts from different schools, systems, and styles to show my Black Belts the same respect as they would show me.

Max Pallen, Jr., Professor, 8th Degree Black Belt

Honors Chief Black Belt Instructors(No particular order)

Sifu Michael Cera - 3rd Degree Sifu Samar Shirmohamadi - 3rd Degree


Honors Black Belt Instructors(No particular order)

Sifu RJ Turney - 2nd Degree Sifu Sergio Lopez - 2nd Degree
Sifu Tito Heredia - 2nd Degree Sifu Ken Baxter - 1st Degree
Sifu Alberto Tanzon - 2nd Degree Sifu Shirley Ng - 2nd Degree
Sifu Melanie Collins - 2nd Degree Sifu Michael Manifesto - 2nd Degree
Sifu Michael Busch - 2nd Degree Sifu Michael Szutu - 2nd Degree
Sifu Ryan Matsumura - 1st Degree Sifu Corey Matsumura - 1st Degree
Sifu Edgardo Pio - 1st Degree Sifu Jacqueline Engler - 2nd Degree
Sifu Amanda Jones - 2nd Degree Sifu Anat Reichenberg - 1st Degree
Sifu Frank Silvera - 2nd Degree Sifu Janice Silvera - 1st Degree
Sifu William Seals - 1st Degree Sifu Maynord Pilapil - 2nd Degree
Sifu Michael Glasky - 2nd Degree Sifu Has Jawandha - 2nd Degree


Honors Black Belts(No particular order)

Kelly Dutra Kellie Manzone Amanda Ng Christa Ng
Marcus Patrick Jessica Phillips Ryan Ahlberg
Brian Highfill Cameron Butts Lawrence Lopez Mike Lershen
Kevin Collins - 2nd Degree Miguel Torres Danica Appleby - 2nd Degree
Jesse Wakefield Brianna Lewis - 2nd Degree Mark Manifesto Mark Engler
Adam Busch Christopher Kenney Dominic Balassone Mason James
Nic Roja Brandon Aufdermauer Anthony Braze Brandon Smith - 2nd Degree
Jessica Wong Michael Krieger Chris Mercado Michael Mercado
Debbie Meehlieb Rose Galindo Elena Corral Ed Medecielo
Eric Domingo Randy Ralston Robert Pallen Jay Brown
  John Brain Sean Briscoe Alessandro Tilli
Kevin Tilli Allison Bricker Daylen Yang Khush Jawanda
Donovan Pope Lloyd Rochon Anthony Rochon  

This list is not complete. If you discover a Black Belt missing from this list, please contact me
via email by clicking here
or call (510)537-0901. Thank you.