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      Welcome to the Official website of Pallen Martial Arts - Castro Valley! Take your time going through the site. We explain a lot about our school in the GENERAL INFORMATION, PROGRAMS, and ABOUT US sections.

      If you're just researching different martial art programs but aren't really sure what to look for, click GENERAL INFORMATION and look under RESEARCHING DOJOS. This section may be helpful.

      New & Current Pallen Students may enter the hidden STUDENT ONLY sections, by going to "CONTACT US" and requesting access.  We will send your password after verification. (STUDENT ONLY sections are currently under construction)

      Before I go, I want to say "thank you" to the School Teachers who are visiting this site to fill out a Jr. Promotion Notice. Also, I'd like to say "hello" to all of my friends, [students & black belts], and my colleagues who are visiting.

      I hope you get a sense of [who I am & the passion I have for arts] through this website. Feel free to contact me via email here or you can call me at (510) 537-0901. I'd love to hear from you!

      Max Pallen, Jr.
      Professor, 8th Degree Black Belt

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